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creator recruitment.

In a world where there are more and more tools for making content, it'stime to change the tools that brands usw to choose creators.

Take a look into the future.

Connect through meaningful content


Connect and co-create

We believe in creativity and useful connections. The metaverse will soon transform content into deeper and more relevant digital experiences. The creative process will also change completely. Growth comes through new technologies and new approaches to connecting with people.

Reverse discovery

For your brand, choose only creators who share your values and have a genuine passion for your products. We help you discover the brightest: those who can inspire trust and produce top-notch content for any channel. We reverse-engineer the discovery model to guide them to you.

Data driven, human centric.

We use artificial intelligence to analyze content of all kinds to find out what impact it will have on people and why. Whether you're a brand or a creator, we provide the insights you've been looking for. Because today, creating something that people choose to watch is a business must.

brands and agencies

If you need a creator,
just make a call.

Call for creators is the innovative solution for recruiting creators for influencer marketing campaigns and branded content production.

Recruiting platform

Launches a call to recruit creators with a ready-to-use, customizable tool integrated into brand channels.

Brand lovers professionals

Attract professional creators and collect a lot of profiles and content already in line with the brand in a short time.

Artificial intelligence

Leverage artificial intelligence to choose creators best suited to the channels and campaign goals.

content creator

Give value to your ideas

Are you a content creator? Log on to Huuno, browse open calls and submit your ideas directly to the brands you want to work with. 

Turn data into power.

We are experts in data science and artificial intelligence applied to influencer marketing and content creation. We take analytics to the next level to provide a deeper understanding of the impact of content on audiences.

Power Reports

for brands and agencies

Power Insights

for creators

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Content powered
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